• 229296_Reloop_TP

Reloop Beatmix 4: A Good Starter Controller

By |June 8, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews|

Even beginner and intermediate-level DJs deserve quality gear, and Reloop, who has been introducing pieces in recent years that compete with Pioneer and Numark, has put out the Beatmix 4 for this purpose. A performance-oriented four-channel pad controller specifically for Serato DJ Intro, the Beatmix 4 presents a layout and [...]

  • EDM_Pop

When EDM Producers Become Necessary to a Pop Star’s Career

By |May 15, 2015|News|

Justin Bieber’s planning a comeback, and is letting everyone know it. If you’ve forgotten, the teen pop star behind hits like “Baby” and “Boyfriend” tarnished his image over the past two years: The kid with the swept hair and high-pitched voice transitioned into a young adult that throws eggs at [...]

  • krewella4

Krewella Shouldn’t Speak for All Women in EDM

By |May 8, 2015|News, Opinion|

It’s stating the obvious that women aren’t as visible in EDM as the guys. Plenty come up with excuses: Women aren’t as interested in technology, you just have to look harder, or women just aren’t as good producers. This, of course, doesn’t mean that women are completely absent. Several have [...]

  • stefano-kosa1

Deep Tech Producer Stefano Kosa Talks Success and New EP in Interview

By |May 5, 2015|Artist Profiles|

Italian DJ/producer Stefano Kosa emerged four years ago and has since turned into one of Italy’s top underground performers. While DJing since 2003, Kosa put out his first official release, a single called “Again,” on Diva Records in 2011 and received support from Richie Hawtin not long after. Having a [...]

  • deephouse4

Touring Deep House: The Best Way to Introduce U.S. Audiences?

By |April 20, 2015|News, Opinion|

Deep house is having its moment in the U.S. Some say it’s about time, but with the subgenre’s newfound popularity comes one criticized aspect: Deep house is fueling similarly massive events and venues that progressive house producers were doing three years ago. Last year, New York City saw Tchami come [...]


3 Ways Underground Dance Music Can Be Full of It

By |April 9, 2015|Opinion|

You don’t mess with something sacred. You don’t spoil a good memory (even if it’s partially false and fully glorified). You don’t talk ill of something so perfect. Underground dance music, or UDM as it’s now being called to differentiate itself from the rest of electronic dance music (EDM), keeps [...]

  • NI-Stems

Native Instruments Stems – A New Audio File Format Provides DJs, Producers, and Live Performers

By |March 30, 2015|News|

Stems - A New, Open Multi-Track Audio Format is Announced at WMC 2015 in Miami New audio file format provides DJs, producers, and live performers the ability to mix with a track’s different musical elements individually MIAMI 2015 – Stems – a new, multi-channel audio format has been unveiled at [...]

  • Maschine-Studio

Native Instruments’ Maschine Studio: A Bunch of Features Right at Your Fingertips

By |March 26, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews, Software, Studio Gear|

Out for nearly five years now, Native Instruments’ Maschine has set a new industry standard as a hardware-software beat-production workstation. Its functionality bypasses Akia’s MPC, while serving as a high-quality studio hub (but not a full DAW) with built-in sequencing, sampling, and loop slicing. Now considered Native Instruments’ top-tier groove [...]

  • edm-end

For 2015, the “End of EDM” is Evolution

By |March 20, 2015|Opinion|

The start of each year often means one thing: Publications saying that “this year” will surely be the end of EDM. Instead, with 2015, the trends point less to obliteration of four-to-the-floor beats and huge synth chords coupled with high-pitched vocals. Instead, the end of 2014 and early signs this [...]

  • ghost2

Ghost Producing, Part II: If Everyone Does It, Why Not Admit It?

By |March 13, 2015|News, Opinion|

It seemed that, before the end of 2013, ghost producing within electronic dance music was acknowledged but not talked about. Hinted at, yes, but no artist directly came out and said, “Yes, I have used ghost producers,” or “I have a team behind me. Did you think I was a [...]

  • kontrol-series

Komplete Kontrol S-Series: Quality Feel, Excellent NI Software Integration

By |March 6, 2015|DJ Controllers, Reviews, Studio Gear|

Announced in September 2014, the Komplete Kontrol S-Series, a line of three MIDI controllers, essentially supersedes Native Instruments’ flawed Kore line with an entirely new set of features and functionality. Three sizes – S25 for a 25-key keyboard, S49 for 49 keys, and S61 for 61 keys, all with a [...]

  • producers2

The Next Big Thing: EDM Producers to Watch in 2015

By |February 27, 2015|Opinion|

2014 was kind of a strange year for electronic dance music. On one hand, it experienced a wave of retro-influenced music from Disclosure to established producers like Markus Schulz working with classic house singers, while Melbourne Bounce saw its global presence grow. At the same time, deep house become mainstream [...]